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an Inquiry on Rice

an Inquiry on Rice

one of oldest Crops feeding the

World –

Beliefs that Eight Millennia ago

China was the First to

domesticate Rice are


by Fifteen-Thousand-year-old Burnt Rice Grains

recently Discovered in South Korea


three Quarters of

the World’s Rice Cultivation is done with

irrigation, the Rest is rainfed


grows on every continent except

Antarctica, most Varieties in Asia


in India, Rice Showers are a Sacred Blessing at weddings

in Indonesia, a Rice Goddess – Dewi Sri – is worshipped


Sticky Rice holds together the stones of

The Great Wall of China


a Rice Burger Bun I once tried

wasn’t sticky enough – it fell apart on the second bite


Italy’s risotto, Iran’s pilaf, Japan’s sushi, Ukraine’s plov

to name a few delicious dishes, not to mention Rice Desserts


but when it comes to home-cooking

boiled and steamed rice is bland and boring

too flavorful and oily when stir fried

so let’s unriddle the Recipe for a Golden Middle:


– pour five cups of


onto a stainless-steel pan;

when the steam rises

– add half a teaspoon of salt

– then drop a cubic inch of


as it dissolves to cream

for a hint of spice

– add five minced cloves of garlic

– finally, add a cup of rice


– pan-boil

for fifteen minutes, and wait

for the water to evaporate

– then pour

two more cups

and keep the pan on a flame

for ten more minutes


the Perk of pan-boiling is the Crunchy

yet Juicy Texture, a Tint of a Spicy

flavor without frying makes

Rice so Precise


kind of like a Paella… but without the Works

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