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There are these words

There are these words

Words of encouragement, inspiration, and expectation.
Words that are meant for you to stand on. To use as a step stool to reach higher ground. To pull yourself up from the depths.
These words…
Spoken by others. Over you. 
These words….
But I find that instead of standing, I am strapped by them. They are bound around my neck and it gets difficult to breath. These words keep me so lock and step with what I am expected to be.
These words….
Drown out the voice inside me. Snuff out the light inside me. Silence the awakening that is within me. The fire ignited in me.
These words.
Have always steered my path. My direction has been perpetually determined by others. 
But, – what about what’s in me? Can I hear my own voice?
Clamoring to fight back against the expectations placed upon me? Struggling to discover my true calling? Fighting to break free of the restrictions that bind me? Longing to live boldly and shamelessly how God has made me? 
These words…
Cannot define me.
I will alight the flame within me.
For all who choose to hear me. 

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  • Right on lil sis! Continue discovering Ur words within and without These Words☺️
    Well done!!!

  • I wrote this one down and added to my poetry book of inspiration and motivation I have had since the Horned Frog days. I hope you don’t mind….fanquest: More Poetry from you please!! ?

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