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Poached Eggs

Poached Eggs

I’d like to Broach

the executive subject of

Poached Eggs


to achieve the perfect

Spherical Shape

short of white wispies

approach the Operation


with a ramekin

for dynamic in

pouring of the Egg

into the water boiling


contrary to certain recipes

a smidge of Vinegar

isn’t necessary

(unless your stove has a Vent

for vinegar is a contributor

of Unpleasant Scent)

nor is Salt needed

but for Custard-like Consistency

it helps the Egg to sieve it

through a fine mesh


cook for three minutes tops

use a slotted spoon to remove

a dash of Pepper for passion

but do not encroach

the Poached Egg with a Sauce

just poke the Yoke

for a Gushing

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