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Mooning Myself

Mooning Myself

I was born! And when I was born, I was a cute little baby. Fresh, innocent, curious, open to the world, whatever that was.

But it was cold, confusing, and scary, so I cried. And I screamed! Not to worry, the full Moon reassuringly told me. Even though I appear blocked this evening, the Moon comforted, I will always be here for you and I will stay with you wherever you go in this world, no matter what. Love cannot be eclipsed, the Moon gently counseled.

The Moon had been taught by the Sun for long enough to know a valuable lesson. It knew to endlessly give to all, without exception, without ceasing, and without ever asking for or expecting anything in return. The selfless sharing was the reward itself. And so the Moon shined, regardless of circumstances, lighting the way for me. Some thought this to be lunacy. All extreme kindnesses are.

And because it was also the first night of Passover, I knew I would be free, that we would all be free, despite whatever hardships we may encounter. And, sadly, hardships there would be.

Life guarantees obstacles, difficulties, pains, and troubles, yet it does not guarantee suffering. The latter has to be chosen — or not. Likewise, life guarantees ease, fun, love, joys, and happiness, though those must be chosen, as well.

Miracles are ubiquitous and omnipresent, even in the mundane, but they have to be first noticed and then appreciated for them to have any real meaning. I started my time on Earth by noticing and appreciating my birth. And I have not stopped doing so. Neither has the Moon.

It was Monday evening and it was Tuesday morning. My first day. And it was very good.

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