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Ay’nius’ Story

Ay’nius’ Story

He was there for me. There in ways that no other person was.

He was there for the warm sun rays that would grace my skin, but as well as the days that brought on the stoning rain drops that would dissolve my happiness into sorrow.

He listened. He listened and supported me, which brought on emotions I never ever felt before. Even so, through all of it, it was his plan.

From the start, it was all his big elaborate plan to give me what I wanted so that in exchange, I felt like I had to give in to tending to his every need. Because I knew that if I didn’t, I would lose him.

I thought it was love. I thought I was in love, and I thought he loved me, but in turn, it was all just manipulation.

In the very moment that gave him exactly what he wanted, he laughed in my face. Like a villain, he laughed in my face and disappeared with the snap of his fingers, knowing that I fell into his grasp of games that he had disguised as what I thought was love.

Yet although I went down that rabbit hole, I cam out twice, no, fifty times as strong. I hold my head high knowing that I won this game because I can still smile. I can still smile knowing that my heart is still as big and loving as it was before, knowing that one day, I will find love. Real love. Because I know that its out there for everyone, it’s just up to us to find it carefully.

My name is Ay’nius and love is powerful, but it will not overpower me.

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