Meggin Nam Holtz

Meggin (Nam) Holtz, LMSW, is a Korean adoptee. Nam has been involved in adoption advocacy, awareness, and support for over a decade. Her award-winning documentary film, "Found in Korea," about birth search, country of origin travel, identity, and adoption was created to serve as a catalyst for conversations about adoption among youth and adults. She served as the Teen Mentor facilitator at "All Together Now," a support group for adoptees and their families, wrote, "Who Cut My Umbilical Cord?" published in "Flip the Script," and holds an MSW from Silberman School of Social Work. Nam is currently working in a private practice with adopted people and their families, and also continues macro work towards adoption reform and education as a public speaker.

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The Unrecognized Developmental Trauma of Early Relinquishment in Adoption

Note from Author Hello readers.  This writing is basically a paper lifted from my Master of…