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A Series of Letters to America During a Most Tumultuous Time

A Series of Letters to America During a Most Tumultuous Time

America, Why’d You Lie to Me?

America, I have loved you since the day I was born…
Born black…
Born just above the poverty line but still proud
So proud of you and oh so proud of me
You led me to believe that this was my home…
The home of the free, the home of the brave
But you lied….

This is not my home after all and it hurts to say all these years later
It still isn’t
I’m light but not light enough
I’m bright but not quite bright enough for you
America, Why’d You Lie to Me?

I loved you with every beat of my aching heart
First as a little black girl full of hope and so many dreams
So many you have stifled over the years slowly but surely with your feel good lies
Lies you told me that I was wanted and needed
That my life mattered
When you knew it didn’t
America, Why’d you lie?

You looked me straight in my face and you lied
Let freedom ring from sea to shining sea but oh how I now see
I see you for what you truly are
An exuberant liar

From time to time you try to make it right but you are still oh so wrong
You build me up just to knock me back down, again, again
I loved you America
But you ain’t right

You hurt my heart over and over again
You show me the hope and then you snatch it away
America, Why’d you lie?

If you didn’t love me that would have been completely okay
I’m just extremely shocked and dismayed to finally learn today that you never loved me
Even more so I find that it’s not solely love you are withholding
But actual hate you pontificate
America Why’d you have to lie to me?

I guess I will never really know

America, Why’d You Lie to Me? Part II

Land of the free, home of the brave
It’s time me and every other black person you betrayed wake up
There will be no making up this time
Time we let you go
So you will damn well know
You do not nor will you ever truly belong to me,
Nor she, or he and most definitely not the we in Black Lives Matter
Your actions clearly show
Matter not do we to thee
Because you lied
Oh why, oh why America must you continue to perpetrate this awful lie

Why can’t you just be honest with me? Be honest with all of us
Admit it, after 400 plus years of sweat, blood and tears,
Look around, and I am still here
Tell me the truth now and I’ll be on my way
I’ll leave today
Today I’ll go off on my own
I can most certainly find another home
Where I am valued, Where I am respected
At the very least some place where I truly feel I belong
Since it’s clear you never wanted me here

Only used and abused by you over and over,
You promised you’d change
You’ll do better you promised
But the sad fact is you lied America, why’d you lie to me?

Even though I love you so it has become painfully obvious that I must somehow figure a way to let you go.

America, please tell me why you lied to me?

Yours truly,
Heartbroken Black Citizen of the United States of America

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