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A Letter to the Man on Wall Street Who Forgot His Mom

A Letter to the Man on Wall Street Who Forgot His Mom

She nurtured you
She cradled you
She worked her whole life to care and provide for you
She prayed for you
She cooked for you
She consoled you when there was no one else to turn to
She taught you love
She taught you pride in heritage
She taught you how to make money, but that riches do not define your value

At the first sign of infatuation, you faltered
You fell for someone so abused, worn down
So poor in love
You let yourself down
You forgot the lessons you were taught
She ate your self-esteem, she consumed your soul

She was abused growing up
Your new love never knew love
The cycle continues
Like a black widow spider with a red enchantment
You were drawn in with no hope of escape
Her poison kills, no seeds can be planted
You are trapped in a loveless landscape

You thought you could fix her
Show her love
Yet, in turn, she robbed you
Played you like a fool
Took your money
Took your life
Chased away your family and friends
And stole all warmth from your life

Self-hatred and despair is your only glue
The parents you once nurtured and knew
Are distant strangers you no longer talk to
In their golden years, they want for nothing but to be with their son
Your silence is cruel
A blast from your self-loathing gun

“There’s no one who will ever love you more than me.”
Her lies straight into your eyes
How blind can you be?
In the guise of love, her darkness you can’t see
How can you ignore your mother and father?
They are your blood, your skin, your eyes
They are your heart and soul
And like a cheap feast, she has devoured it all

You’ve made millions in Lower Manhattan
But it’s been years since you’ve seen your parents
Your personality and spirit have become obsolete
You’ve forgotten yourself and lost your own wealth
An empty slate
Like a puppet, she controls your every move
Like a trained dog, you bow, roll over and obey

A man who spurns his mother has no self-love
A man who hates himself cannot find true love

To all the men who fall in love
Be weary of this rich man’s tale
For you can have all the money in the world
And be impoverished in life and what matters most

If you forget yourself and the value you once knew
Your self-doubt, self-hatred, delusions and lies
Won’t allow you to see past the hatred that blinds

I pray to God for your heart to see
Only He can open your eyes
Let go and let be

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