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I became forgotten long ago
In my homeland, in Seoul
Orphaned and alone
I was invisible

Somehow out of hundreds I was chosen
Given a purple dress and hope
I flew to the United States, to my new home
Yet still, I was invisible

Rejected by them
I was different, I did not belong they said
I left confused and alone
Again, I was invisible

Placed into a new home
It was wild, full and so many around
19 kids, all different, yet all the same
Yet still, I was invisible

At seventeen, I left rejected again
Never was a child, but not yet grown
I made my way into the world alone
Yet in the sea of white faces, I was invisible

College, work and marriage
I found my way bit by bit
Determined and bright, driven and successful
Yet in the sea of white faces, I was invisible

Why was equality so hard?
Why was inclusion so evasive?
I did everything right, yet I was not right
I was not white

Then came 2020
The mourning of Black lives lost
The accountability in unified voices
Say Their Names

Through Black Lives Matter
This “Model Minority” was given a voice
I made a choice to speak and be seen
I was invisible no more, no more
I am Free.

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