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The Fox, When Reached for Comment, Responds

The Fox, When Reached for Comment, Responds

Red Fox Terrorizes Humans in US Capitol Rampage
Voice of America English News

I find the headline overwrought, don’t you? 
They say I’m terrorizing? 
I won’t sit here and deny
my natural tendencies, 
but at least I engage 
in necessary brutality. 
I know you’re uncomfortable 
with the squirrel crushed
between my jaws, 
but I only bare my teeth to protect 
what’s mine by blood. 
After all, it wasn’t my depravity 
that stoked God’s wrath 
into an inferno only a flood
could quench.
He prioritized my kind 
when he started over. 
Many of you wonder 
when the second destruction 
will come.
I think it’s already here. 
Your children die 
in bullet strewn classrooms 
and refrigerated trucks hulk
behind morgues. 
Kindergarten sandboxes are converted 
into graves
while mothers scribble 
their babies’ names upon their backs 
to better identify them. 
It is said you bear the face 
of God, 
so I am assured beauty will spring 
from your ashes. 
Imagine the air perfumed 
with the hymns of wood thrushes 
and tree frogs. 
Imagine the fields adorned 
with only a thousand lilies. 
Imagine the night unfurling
beneath an ocean of blazing stars.

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