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In Gun We Trust

In Gun We Trust

In these troublesome times,
Certainly God forgives our fears
And admits we deserve protection.

After all, the crosses we clasp
Around our necks adorn
The cemeteries as well.

They won’t be enough when the evil
Ones come to our doors and driveways
And banks and schools and sweet

Sixteen birthday parties.
In my emergency room, I’ve placed
My fingers through holes in heads

And hearts. Therefore, I believe.
There is no room for doubt;
I am assured of the gun’s great power.

Each day, when my children leave
The house, I’ll safeguard them
With talismans—tiny guns

On delicate chains will encircle
Their necks. I think there’s a market—
I’ll sell them on Etsy and set up shop

In Washington DC.
And because there is no sacred
When it comes to safety, I’ll peddle

Them to churches—
An amulet so mighty that Jesus
Himself may stand in awe.

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